About International

In developing Australian ProStar® models, INTERNATIONAL’s local engineering team have maintained the key strengths of the North American model and made the necessary changes for the ProStar® to further thrive in Australia’s unique operating environments.

The project followed a comprehensive integrated product development process that left nothing to chance, and began by identifying the key requirements for the Australian market.

Aside from the obvious shift to right-hand drive which was a straight forward process given that the cab was designed from the outset to accommodate either left or right-hand drive, other requirements were a short bumper to back of cab for B-double applications, and a 15 litre 550 horsepower engine.

In the engine stakes, the Cummins X15 was the obvious choice – it is the evolution of the ISXe5, an engine now well proven in Australian conditions.

Cummins have the local expertise on the 15 litre SCR engine, Australia being the lead market where the engine platform was introduced, and the company assisted with both the engine installation and certification and testing.

Having carefully evaluated local requirements, a specification list and model mix was selected to best suit Australia’s unique conditions and to make the ProStar® for a wide range of local applications.

International Pro Star Range

Pro Star

Introducing the new INTERNATIONAL® ProStar®, one of North America’s best-selling truck models. Available in tipper, day cab, extended cab and sleeper cab variants, the ProStar® lends itself to a wide range of applications. The day cab fits in front of virtually any Australian trailer set. The ProStar® can also be used as a truck and dog and is suitable for 34 pallet B-double, 36 pallet B-double and even B-triple and two trailer road train work.